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June 2004 Issue No. 2   
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June 2004
Issue No. 2

Note From the Editors

Thank you for your interest in the Review. Due to other committments, we have been unable to produce new issues. We intend to resume publishing in the near future. If you are interested, please sign up for our e-mails updates so that we can notify you once we resume publishing.

Main Feature

Voices Against Discrimination: Chinese Citizens Challenge Discriminatory Regulations and Practices
Chinese have long accepted employment discrimination as a matter of course and as something that they could do little to change. China’s labor market, in which demand for jobs far outstrips supply, means that employers get to call the shots. However, in an indication of how profoundly Chinese society is changing, voices are now being raised against discrimination.

Legal Reform
Recent Developments at China's Legal Forefront

Enforcement of Civil Judgments: Harder than Reaching the Sky

What's New in Government Reform and Public Administration

  Local Governments Pay High Prices for Talent: Releasing Sharks into the Fish Tank?
Jiangsu Taxi Drivers Struggle to Keep Operating Permits
Budget Review by Guangdong Province Delegates: 2004 Update

Case Files
Notable Legal Cases
Heard on the Web
Excerpts of Online Postings in China 
Luoyang “Seed” Case: Courts Lack Authority to Declare Laws Invalid   Reaction to Decision in HBV Employment Discrimination Case
Priceless Grapes   Will the New Constitution Better Protect Our Rights?
    No Laughing Matter: What to Look for in Job Applicants




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