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January 2004 Issue No. 1   
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January 2004
Issue No. 1

From the Editors

Main Feature

China's Who's Who 2002
Who are the most notable Chinese? In December 2002, China's Sina.Com and Southern Weekend jointly held a poll to select the "2002 Person of the Year". Inside is a closer look at a few of the ten Chinese men and women who received the most votes.

Legal Reform
Recent Developments at China's Legal Forefront

Shanghai Court Includes Dissenting Opinion in Judgment
Beijing Prosecutors to Disclose Evidence to Defense Counsel
Heads of Provincial High Courts Found Guilty of Corruption

What's New in Government Reform and Public Administration

  The Beginning of Budget Scrutiny? Guangdong Legislators Get First Glimpse of Government Budget
Delegates to the Shanghai People's Congress Call for Oversight of State Asset Management Commission
Experiments in Public Hearings—State Held Hearing on Airfares

Case Files
Notable Legal Cases
Heard on the Web
Excerpts of Online Postings in China 
Libel Online   SARS Memorial
Arbitration Tribunal Rules in Favor of Apartment Buyers   SARS and Humor
Death Sentence for ... a Tiger   Corrupt Judges




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