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December 2006 Issue No. 3   
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In the Current Issue
December 2006
Issue No. 3

Note From the Editors

Main Feature

Secured Transactions Law Reform in China
Key stakeholders in China work with the World Bank and People’s Bank of China to undertake legal and institutional changes to improve access to credit for Chinese businesses.

Legal Reform
Recent Developments at China's Legal Forefront

Returning Death Penalty Review to the Supreme People’s Court: How will the Court Staff the New Death Penalty Review Divisions?

The Supreme People’s Court is reinstating its full authority to review death penalty sentences. Three new criminal divisions will require a large number of new judges.

Case Files
Notable Legal Cases
Voices Against Discrimination

An update of recent cases and developments in Hepatitis B Virus status, gender, residency and place of origin-based discrimination.

Heard on the Web
Excerpts of Online Postings in China
Beijing Police Abandons Quota

The quota system for traffic fines and criminal arrests in Beijing has officially come to an end. Most bloggers applaud the move and offer some interesting twists of their own.





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